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We strive to empower the lives we touch by enabling people to move towards their financial goals. As an independent investment management boutique, we are fiduciaries and active portfolio managers with a fee-only structure. We believe in personal service, customized portfolios and financial plans that are unique to every client.

Our company is founded on a bedrock of passion to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect.

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As fiduciary we are legally and ethically bound to put our clients' interests above our own. At KSI Financial, our financial decisions will always be in the best interest of our clients, and we take our fiduciary obligation very serious.

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KSI is a Registered Investment Advisor. Our active portfolio management is based on 23 years of industry experience and a trading background in bonds, equities, options and alternatives. We are 100% transparent and with a client retention rate of 94% - we are above the industry standard.

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To safeguard our clients' assets, we work exclusively with Charles Schwab, a nationally recognized custodian of assets. Charles Schwab serves independent fee-only investment advisors and their clients and offers access to a wide range of products. Using a third-party custodian prevents conflicts of interest and promotes transparency between KSI Financial and our clients.

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We believe our clients are our biggest asset. Communication is key to building a successful, long-term relationship. We communicate frequently with our clients through face-to-face meetings, via phone, email, Zoom and Facetime. We are always available, and our clients have the direct number to their adviser and portfolio manager.

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As a privately held company we offer unbiased financial advice - focusing on each individual clients' retirement goals and needs. Our portfolio managers decide on investments independently, and do not pay for third-party asset allocations.

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Fee-Only Compensation

We are a single-fee, non-commission-based firm and we do not sell products that are commission based or commission-only, to avoid conflicts of interest.

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A message from our CEO and Founder

Kristi Berge

I believe that relationships are the key to all aspects of life!

Since I started KSI Financial, it has been very important that I create a company built on trust and mutual respect - for employees as well as our clients. Every client deserves premium quality investment management and personal service. You are entrusting us with your financial future, and I want to personally assure you that you are valued and important to us. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person on how we can support you in achieving your financial goals.

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KSI Financial
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